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    How many people have used GH? Poll

    1. Have you used GH before?

    2. How long did you use it for?

    3 What was your starting weight?

    4. What was your end weight?

    5. What side effects did you notice?

    6. General overall experience? Was it worth it?

    7. Did you take anything else with the GH (i.e. Insulin , IGF, AAS, etc)
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    I did serostim at 4.5iu's a day for 2 months, it's hard to guess on the weight because i was stacking it with fina, prop, and d-bol. The biggest sides i experienced was water retention, numbness in the hands (carpel tunnel perhaps) a little lathargic and sleepy for the first 6 weeks or so...didn't see any real fat loss associated with GH. definately helped with the joints, and a more than usual strength I had a lower back injury from my early days of powerlifting that kept re-acurring, 1 week into gh and the pain was gone and has not returned since...that was close to 9 months ago. I will definately do GH again, but next time I will be running it for 6 months or more!

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