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    Question Check out this cycle!!

    Hey bros,

    Give me your input on my next cycle:

    Kick start cycle with *Androl50 at 100mg/3 weeks

    *Test(Enth) 500mg/week (8 weeks)
    *Deca 400mg/week (8 weeks)
    *d-bol 50mg/day (6 weeks)
    *Nolva on hand if need & Clomid at end of cycle

    I want to mix something else with the cycle instead of Deca, something a little more towards the cutting like Winny. Give me your input so I can put my cycle together. Thanks Bros.


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    run the test E to 10 or 12 weeks and the deca to 10 weeks....
    you can add winny jus add it so it goes 2 weeks past last test/deca shot...

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    This looks like a good cycle, although it would help us if you gave us more info about you (age, hight, weight, waist size, body fat percentage, years lifting, # of cycles done, etcetera).

    If you're looking to cut, you can replace the deca with EQ at 300-400mg per week for 10-12 weeks**. Why start with the androl? It's just going to make you bloat (a lot of water retention with little muscle gain). If you're trying to cut, I wouldn't use it.

    Becareful with the androl and EQ both cause blood pressure to increase significantly.

    **NOTE: you'd have to run the test at 10-12 weeks too.
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    what are your stats and cycle history

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