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    Kind of a messed up cycle, maybe not really

    here we go, kinda got a dilema here... ive been taken Fina for bout 5 weeks now with EQ at 400mg a week and Winnie EOD at 75mg... IM not takin any TESTwith it and i hate the results im getting without it... well im about out of Fina and i have no PCT ready and im ready to start Test or SuS EOD... what i was goin to do was go ahead and start my Sus EOD and continue taking EQ at 400mg a week, i was goin to stop takin winnie and fina for now and start them up about 3 or 4 weeks later... what do ya'll guys think, will that be ok and work? i know it's a long cycle, but i have not been running any type of test and im goin to stop the Fina and winnie for a while now and start them back later on in this cycle, but continue with The EQ, im goin to run a long cycle with the test and all , prolly around 12- 16 weeks... thanks bros

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    Honnestly i dont understand what you are writing . Before you begin a cycle make sure you have everything...

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    dude, u just commited two big mistakes,no testw your tren ,winny,eq and no pct...

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    wow, no test with the tren . Thats gonna f*ck your little guys up. I would suggest finishing your cycle, doing PCT b/c your balls must be gone, regrouping and starting a GOOD cycle once you recover.

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