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    Question about what I read about Test E

    I read at this german site that when u inject a 250mg/ml Test E vial, inn those 250mg, only 178mg are actually Test, and the rest is the Ester. Wouldnt that mean that everyone can go way higher with their doses, since 4 x 250mg/ml isnt pushing you over the one gram barrier?

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    I think that its 178mg of free test in your system from 250mg, either way thats more than you produce naturally per week where the avg. male in their 'prime' produces around 4-10mg per day ( I've heard alot of different ones here). Maybe one of the more knowledgable bros/scientists can chime in on this... pheedno or others?

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    The longer (bigger) the ester attached to the test, the less test on a mg/mg basis there will be. There is more test in 100mg of test prop than in 100mg of test E. You can simply dose your test accordingly, if you want to be completely accurate.

    Here are the values according to Rickson:
    Ester actual mg/100mg dose
    test no ester 100
    tren acetate 87
    test prop 83
    test enanth 72
    test cyp 70
    test undecan 63
    nand phenyl 67
    nand deca 64

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