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    How long break is long enough after a long cycle?

    I stayed on test E for **** near 6 months, I had a short break (I think 4 weeks) somewhere in there, but that's history now.
    I know that qualifies for a Darwin award, but hey! The **** felt good, and my buddies at the gym has been on for over a year non-stop...blah blah

    All good things come to an end; I took a break and went on pct. Started the clomid on week 4 instead of 2 post cycle due to late shipment.


    I'm planning on taking 8 weeks off total; Last day of pct will be on week 7, so that will give me 1 week prior to starting a fresh cycle which would run like this.

    Wk 1-6 Test C. 500mgs/wk Deca 400mgs/wk
    wk 6-8 deca 400mgs/wk Winnie 50mgs e.d.
    wk 8-11 Pct: Clomid & Nolvadex

    Will 8 weeks suffice as an off period? Or should I give it some more time? The gear is here and isn't going anywhere so...

    I apprechiate any input, MrM
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    just get your blood tested, if the results come back good, then go for it. if not i would wait

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    Unfortunately there is no way to tell other than blood test. If you have recovered then obviously you can start again. Eight weeks isn't very long after a cycle like that so I would guess you wouldn't be fully recovered but again no way to tell without getting the lab work done.

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