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Thread: cycle help?

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    cycle help?

    Can anyone with experience please help me out with this cycle? I have been using steroids for a few years but never really put any science into it, just shot what I had.
    I have:
    1 10ml bottle Aratest
    2 10ml bottle supertest250(tonrnel)
    1 50ml bottle Equigain
    50 tabs anadrol
    1 30ml bottle homemade finaplix ..
    I am 205 now maybe 12% Bf,
    I know how to eat right and train hard but there has to be a method to the juice instead if just randomly shooting ****! any advice would help please..

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    Doesn't look like you got enough tren for a good got 4 weeks worth. Also is your EQ 50mg per ml??? I think you have to many random things in small amounts...

    the only thing that looks like to you got enough of is Super Test and anadrol .....

    EQ should be run at 400mg a week for at least 12 weeks......and tren should be around 6-8 weeks.....don't know why you got the aratest??

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    First off you should read all the threads in the edu forums..
    THere's alot more to using steriods then just juice...the proper anti e's and PCT need to be in place along w/ training and diet.
    Decide what your goal is of the cycle and what drugs will help you adchieve that goal..research the cycle by using the search key...put together a cycle and let us critique it.

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