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Thread: too much dbol?

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    Matthew Furches is offline New Member
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    too much dbol?

    I am running 50 mgs day of dbol with my sust. As this is my first time using dbol i am wondering if this is too much. Also can too much dbol kill your sex drive? thanks

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    not where I want to be
    way too much. drop it to 30-35. yes dbol can kill your sex drive

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    Some stats would be nice. Considering that this is your first time with d-bol you might want to start at 35mg ED or so and if its not enough you can always increase the dose. A lot of bros handle 50mg no problem, but for some the back pains become too excruciating at that dose.

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    For your first time I wouldnt go any higher than 40mg ED, but thats me, and Dbol increases my sex drive ALOT. I dont think it can kill your sex drive if you use too much but Im not sure.

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    yes thats a little to much later on in ur cycle on in another u can increase it to that amount but usualy ppl go from a smaller dosage to a larger dosage no more thne 50 dude, ur doing opsit going to 50 jus like that

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