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Thread: dianabol 25 mg

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    dianabol 25 mg

    I want to buy dianabol and someone says they have 25 mg. My friend told me that it doesn't come in 25mg but comes in 5 mg. Is this stuff fake? The pills are white with no writing on them.

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    They are real. I had some of them. Made by loffler. I hear they are under dosed but I dont know. Gave me some killer back pumps at the end of week 4. The edges should be beveled.

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    Just get some good ole fashioned 10 mg BD Dbols or the standard 5 mg UG labs Dbols..Can't go wrong with these

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    There are 25mg dbols made by loffler....I have hooked a few of my bros up with these but never actually tried them.... i have taken the thailand 5mg dbols... and 10mg dbols by denkall..... but qv has 10mg out now that are suppose to be really good.... but to anser your ? yes.... 25mg is legit... ask to see the box and bottle if you havnt already seen it....

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