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    Lightbulb News Flash

    PHOENIX (AP) - A plot to steal the "fountain of youth"
    apparently cost Konstantin Simberg his life at age 21.

    Simberg was killed after he began serving as an
    informant on what police say was a scheme to steal a
    million-dollar shipment of Saizen, a human growth
    hormone that can help slow the effects of aging and is
    sold on the black market for use by athletes.

    Simberg's last telephone conversation with a detective
    was cut off with a scream just before his body - bound
    and showing signs of torture - turned up in the woods of
    northwestern Arizona last month.

    Since then, authorities have charged three young men in
    the slaying. Two others have been charged with money
    laundering and other offenses and are under
    investigation in the killing.

    "The twists and turns of this case have been just unbelievable," said Detective
    Tom Britt, Simberg's contact at the Phoenix Police Department.

    Saizen, sometimes called the fountain of youth, replaces natural hormones such as
    testosterone that decline as people age beyond 40. Growth hormone is given by
    prescription to children whose growth is stunted by hormone deficiency, kidney
    disease or other conditions. It is also used in adults to treat such conditions as
    weight loss caused by AIDS.

    The alleged plot unraveled just months before the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake
    City. Britt said police have no firm evidence of any plan to sell the hormone to

    "But we always thought it was interesting that this was done right before the
    winter Olympics in Salt Lake City," he said. "The timing was intriguing."

    Police say Troy Langdon, 28, the manager of Cactus Pharmacy, and friend Sean
    Southland, 33, hatched the plot to steal and sell 6,000 vials of Saizen, worth
    about $1 million wholesale and an estimated $3 million on the black market.

    The two men allegedly hired Simberg and four
    others to steal the drug from a FedEx driver as he
    made his delivery to the Phoenix pharmacy on
    Sept. 24.

    But instead of using a gun, Simberg offered the
    driver $50,000, Britt said. The driver refused and
    the group fled, but police soon began
    investigating Simberg.

    Meanwhile, Langdon and Southland changed plans
    and quietly sold the Saizen to a medical company for about $926,000, Britt said.

    The men also raised the pharmacy's insurance to $1 million, then had Simberg and
    three others break into the pharmacy to make it look as if there had been a
    robbery, Britt said. Langdon reported the hormones stolen and filed a claim for the
    insurance money the next day.

    But using alarm records, police determined that no robbery had taken place and
    arrested Simberg, Langdon and Southland. The three were released as police
    gathered more evidence; Britt said Simberg began cooperating immediately.

    Britt said he spoke to Simberg for the last time on Dec. 14, a conversation that
    was cut short. The detective said he heard a scream on the other end of the line,
    the sounds of a brief struggle and then nothing.

    "I thought, 'My God, did I actually just hear what I think I did?'" Britt said.

    Hunters found Simberg's body two days later. He had been bound with duct tape,
    tortured and killed.

    Dennis Tsoukanov, 20, has pleaded innocent to murder and kidnapping in the
    death. His two alleged accomplices, Mikhail Drachev and Chris Andrews, both 18,
    have disappeared.

    Britt said police are also investigating whether Southland and Langdon were
    involved in the slaying.

    In a separate indictment, Southland and Langdon were charged with offenses
    including money laundering and conspiracy to commit fraud and armed robbery.
    They are to be arraigned Feb. 5.

    Langdon's attorney, Thomas Baker, said his client legally bought and sold the
    shipment of Saizen and had nothing to do with any attempted robbery or break-in.
    A lawyer for Southland did not return messages.

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    Wow thats a lot of growth. and Poor guy that sux.

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    Thanks for the interesting post!

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