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    Question Injection Pain!!!

    Hey! I've been reading alot of post about injection pain for winny and prop, now I had pain for the first two weeks from shots of enthante, but it went away. I was wondering what type of pain everyone is talking about, like is it pain where you can't even work out, and is during or after the injections.

    THanks for any replys!!!

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    Basically like someone just puched you in the area as hard as they can. It all depends on what you are taking. I was injecting Winny and QV Prop...needless to say the pain was so bad I couldn't work i'm over it. I can deal with pain but this was really bad. But everyone is different.

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    Usually the day after injections.I've had them vary from feeling like a charley horse to feeling like I was hit with a baseball bat.

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    yeah, depends. sometimes i cant walk the day after a quad inj, but sometimes theres no pain. if youre thinking about taking winny, consider drinking it. those water based injections will have you in pain.

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