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    How do i know when the eq kicks in

    First off i want to say thanks for all the help you guys have given me. I went from wanting to do a dbol only cycle to dooing a real cycle of test/eq. Now that i am over the needle im mad i didnt pick a steriod i had to inject everyday. ( i guess im weird or something but i feel more pumped up that day) well any way my cycle looks like this
    1-13 eq 400mg/week
    1-14 test ent 500mg a week
    1-19 10mg ed nolva
    clomid start week 16

    I just finished my 5th week and am up 10lbs and loving life. arms went from 15.5 to 17" chest went from 42" to 45" waist went from 32.5 to 33.5.

    What i want to know is when should i start feeling the muscle hardening and seeing the vascularity from the eq. From what i read it seems like i am only feeling the test right now. Also how will i know when the eq kicked in. Ne way thanks again cya guys

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    Yeah, EQ will turn you into a eating machine. I can't wait for my EQ to come in the mail, I'm already a big eater without any EQ, but with EQ my fridge will cower everytime I look in its general direction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by animal-inside
    i was on a res all you can eat meal plan when i was on EQ....... haha...... oh wait... i was deiting so it sucked my big hairy scrotal sac

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