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Thread: PO Boxs

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    PO Boxs

    Hello, I was just wondering about setting up a PO Box to get my gear shipped to. First, do I have to buy a box big enough to fit whatever size package I'm getting, or will they just put a little note in a small box (if i go that route) and I'll just have to present it to them and they'll fetch my stuff? Second, when I'm signing up for the box do I have to show ID, should i use a fake id to do that? And finally, how much does a normal box cost and is it a monthly cost, yearly? There is a US post office right by my house, I heard they're cheaper than UPS. Sorry for all the questions. Any help would be awsome.

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    Yes they'll go get your stuff that's too big for the box.
    Yes you have to show ID.
    Yes you CAN use a fake one, but man if you get caught, it's federal.
    They're about $15-$35 per month, depending on area, type of Box etc etc.
    Edit: After reading Mullhar's post, I now remember it is cheaper than that....I think it was 30 something the first time for 3 months, along with some kind of set up fee or something...I forget the exact cost...goes on the credit card automatically, plus I upgraded the box so that I can recieve most smaller boxes.
    The point is it's worth it, you can have several names of "People" who are allowed to recieve mail at your box, and these "other people" don't have to submit ID's...
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    influx of po box questions as of late. Search button works too.

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    PO Box

    I have one of the small boxes and it is only $25 for 6 months...they leave a note in there and you can pick it up at the counter. Sometimes they leave a key to a big box where they put my package, then I can go get it and leave the key. I definitely would not recommend using a fake ID...much easier to just deny that the stuff is yours, if something bad ever happened.

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    got it down to a science? i am soo glad i dont have to deal with that sh!t, i just take a lil 15 min drive and get hooked up

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