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    test suspension n dbol

    has anyone here ever tried test susp if so how was it, what does everyone thiking about runnig it with dbol

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    on the dip rack.
    i HAD a friend who was on test suspension by itself for his first cycle.he injected like 50mg daily for the first couple weeks then upped it around 10mg every week after for a straight 6 weeks.
    this kid blew up like a mad man and was benchpressing unbelievable numbers.careful with suspension though, he would complain about his injections all day and all night..........

    in honesty if it wasnt for the price i would be running it right now too.

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    I use it every time. Susp is a painful injection that needs to be made twice a day. You will feel incredible strenght gains and pumps right away and see gains within a few days. You will not need to run dbol with susp.

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