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    Whos testicles shrink while on Test.

    Im just curious to see how many peoples balls shrink while on, lets say 500-750mg of Test a week, Ive been on 525mg Of Test per week now for 12 weeks and my balls havent shrunk one bit, does that mean they are still active or what??? My last cycle of 400mg/week of enanthate and they shrunk a tiny bit maybe, but nothin out of the ordinary. I know that tren and deca do a number on the lil' guys but what about test.??

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    Test cypionate in dosages above 750m/week will shrink mine but I fix that by taking an extra yohimbine pill per day and they go back to normal. Sust at 750mg has no effect on them though...Not sure about Enanthate since I've never used it.

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    unfortunately mine shrink down a bit, but not that much

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    Little shinkage while on Test C, but I don't really mind, just makes the other guy look a little bigger

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