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    Tren and clen cutting...

    I am in the midst of an EQ/tren /prop cycle. I am going to run the EQ/prop for another 2 weeks and then start the tren at 75mg/day for 7 weeks. The cycle I am on is going to be a bit tricky. I am going to bulk the first 6 weeks and then once the tren starts I am going to cut heavily to drop body fat and then once the tren is done I am going to go back to a lean bulking phase where I keep body fat down and try to gain a small bit of muscle before I go into PCT. When I am cutting I want to run the tren and clen at the same time but was a bit worried about the stress on my body? I was wondering if anyone has run clen and tren at the same time for cutting purposes? I will be doing very light cardio, maybe two or three times a week for 15 minutes and reps will go up in my workout a little for toning but mostly I will change my diet heavily from high carb medium protein to high protein very low carbs. I think with the addition of clen to the tren I will burn fat like crazy but don't want to overheat my body either or raise blood pressure. Anyone taken their blood pressure while doing clen AND tren at the same time? Or kept track of how things were going?

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    Are you prepared to suffer the consiquences of running fina alone?Your recovery should be rather hard to say the least.

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