Hi guys !

I would like so inputs on my cycle plan. As I look to join a contest in oct. 2004 I'm thinknig of doing a cycle starting May 1. and lasting to contest date. That would be a 22 week cycle.

The mainly thing for doing something like this is becasue I think doing 3 months on 3 off messes up my hormon levels and make me brake out with acne when ever coming on or off. Also I ruins my gains ofcourse nomather how perfect I do my pct.

I'm thining of doing Doggcrapp like cycling with 4 weeks on - 2 weeks cruising - 4 weeks on - and so on...

the base for the cycle would be
500mg test enathe
400mg prop
1mg arimidex

then probably jack up the test to 750mg after some time and maybe change the anabolic in the middle of the cycle.

I need opinions on what to run when cruising. I'm thinig of using like somewere from 100-250mg test enathe and hcg . I never used hcg before so I'm not sure of which doses would be best...

this is where I got the idea from. Written by BIG A at professionalmuscle.com

200lbs - 5 10"
done 2 10 weeks cycles before
21 years old ...

what do you think?