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    deca and tendon health, put to the test....

    Ive posted on MANY different boards about this topic....what I have concluded is that there is really NO hard evidence between exactly which roids will help tendon and joint healing. But the consensus is that they WILL help accelerate growth (of course).

    so, I am still bothered by my severe tendonitis in my left calve. I saw a sports medicine guy who treats some of the Green Bay packers and he said it was necrosis (scar tissue) around my tendon which was slowing the healing process. I asked him about anabolics...and he said possibly spot injections...
    I havent worked the calve for 3 months....1 1/2 months of that went through physical therapy.

    So I just started a cycle of 500 test/400eq for 10 weeks. Hopefully by about week 5 ill see something. I am going to slightly work the calve and deep massage it to get it inflammed and harbor the healing effect. I will tell you guys how this goes!

    what you guys think...? Ill keep you posted on what happens...

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    Various AAS have various "reported" effects on connective tissue. I think people jump to conclusions based on papers. Most studies that mention connective tissue and a particular AAS will say that X increase collagen type 2, for instance, but is inhibitive to collagen cross-linking....what's the net result? Some will say X increases procollogen type so and so....this doesn't mean that this will translate into stronger connective tissue. It's all very speculative. Deca will certainly make you tendonitis "feel" better, as will EQ, I assume, but whether or not it contributes any to the healing process is going to be hard to prove. Increasing muscle strength and size, which we know AAS do, does put additional stress on tendons, assuming they don't have proportionate strength increases.

    Who knows?

    Not me

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