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    warm & fuzzy thought of the day

    After ordering my Nolva Ldex for *on* cycle AEs + the HCG and Clomid for PCT I just realized I spent more on them than I did on the juice !

    Its worth it though to avoid losing it all PC. I remember buddies of mine in the late 70s who did tons of Dbol and Test and NEVER EVER once did I ever hear any talk of AEs or PCT. I saw their acne and bloated faces + the gyno.
    Worst of all they shrunk drastically after their cycles.

    Im glad I watied till the internet was around to try a cycle. Id probalby be a statistic by now if Id have started jiucing back then.

    my thanks Einie and the Bull and all the other "made guys" on A.R. What would we do for advice.

    We need you now more than ever.

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    Love " the cycle " in your sig line Bro - funny sh*t

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