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    Ive used hydros/percs for a while.....BUT....

    Has anyone heard of 20mg pure hydrocodone tabs. Specifically out of mex...ive never heard of them before but apparently they are available??


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    No.... I've seen time released vicoden... look like vic's but blue.

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    the highest dose of hydrocodone i've seen is lorcet 10/650 which is 10mg of hydrocodone and 650mg of acetaminophen. i've never seen hydrocodone by itself. now, oxycodone is another story it comes by itself and it is called oxycontin. they come in 10mg 20mg 40mg 80mg and 160mg. taking an 80 or 160mg can kill you if you don't have any tolerance to opioids. also chewing or breaking up the tabs leads to rapid release and absorption and can again kill you. none of this shit should be messed with. the addicting potential of hydrocodone and oxycodone is rediculous and should never be used unless you have perscription from a doctor and even then you should be careful.

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    i got some hydro and that shit dosnt effect me much, 5 tabs and i felt the same, i have a high tolerence to alch maybe same with opium who knows, i dont wanna messs with it, getting addicted to somthing like that is the last thing i need

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