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    Cool 15-week Mass builder(should i add Trembolona 75)

    hey bros, I was just wondering if i should add Trembolona 75(trenbolone acetate) to my mass building cycle??? tried test and deca before good results this time im taking it to another level.....check out my next cycle below:

    Week 1-15 Teston 200(Test. Cypionate )/750mg week
    Week 1-10 Deca 300/500mg week
    Week 1-5 Denakll D-Bol 10/10mg ed(except weekends)
    Week 11-15 Stan 100/400mg week

    My current stats: 6'8 260, 18" arms, 17" calves, where should i add the trenbolone??? iwas thinking with the winny and test please help would appreciate it much also what should i do if i get severe acne besides take accutane any one with acne help me out peace out dudes
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