hey bros, just wanted to know if should add the tren to my next cycle, my previous cycle was good go good gains, my nex cycle is as follows:

Week 1-15 Teston 200(Test. cyp)/750mg week
Week 1-10 Deca 300/500mg week
Week 1-5 Denkall D-bol/40mg ed(except on weekends)
Week 11-15 Stan 100 QV/ 400mg week

My current stats: 6'8 260, 18" arms, 17" calves, 24" thighs, 36" waist........what kinda gains should i expect??? and when should i add the trembolona 75???? i was thinking in week 11-15 with the winny please help...alson what to do with acne on face besides use accutane any thing natural i heard drinking carrot juice was good for acne help out please