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    15-week mass builder(should i add Trembolone acetate)?

    hey bros, just wanted to know if should add the tren to my next cycle, my previous cycle was good go good gains, my nex cycle is as follows:

    Week 1-15 Teston 200(Test. cyp)/750mg week
    Week 1-10 Deca 300/500mg week
    Week 1-5 Denkall D-bol/40mg ed(except on weekends)
    Week 11-15 Stan 100 QV/ 400mg week

    My current stats: 6'8 260, 18" arms, 17" calves, 24" thighs, 36" waist........what kinda gains should i expect??? and when should i add the trembolona 75???? i was thinking in week 11-15 with the winny please help ...alson what is good for acne on face besides accutane???

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    if you do add tren , make your own. qv is rip off

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