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    OK guys lets hear it !! Here is miNE

    Super cutter formula
    If you call within the next 29 min we will send you a deal a meal handy carrying case.

    Ok here is mine
    clen 2 0n 2 off
    T3 7 day (mallet ) cycle 5 off
    Test ethenate 500mg week (Not into the sprinkler look)
    Mallets During cycle formula/Multivitamen ect ect ...
    Nolva on hand just incase
    Pct clomid maybe nolva too
    Plenty of morning cardio well low intensity don't want my head to pop off from the test!!
    solid high protien low fat mild carb diet
    Plenty of richard simmons tapes to keep me motivated!!(sweating to the oldies)
    Bam there it is !! Whatcha got???

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    cozy little Ghetto in PA
    clen 2on 2 off is a Bil Phillips errata that has been propigated for a long time. Thew long half life prevents it from clearing your body before you start using it again.

    read the clen book on this board

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    lol, are you also the chickenman @ If so I already responded to this, so I will copy and past the response:

    What are your goals? If its just to get ripped as heck you are on the right track, but depending upon how big you are you may need to up the Test. A lot of guys may not reccomend it, but I myself am soooo parnoid about loosing muscle while 'on' (and dieting, I forgot to add that part) that I would rather have some additional side effects than loose muscle. After all, we don;t take this stuff to avoid sides; rather to get results. And it all goes away post cycle anyway. So if you are a big dude, up the test dossage.

    Good luck!

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    You'll most likely will be disappointed in reading mine.
    Prop/fina/cardio/diet........that's all I need.I'm not going to the Mr.O anytime soon.So no need to put additional stress on my body.

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    the post office!
    -clen /t3
    -igf 3wks on/3wks off

    add a very good diet and youre on your way.

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