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    Help with Program

    Hey all, what's happenin? I'm mentioning the word "steroid " so I can justify putting this in here where everyone reads!!

    I'm looking for advice on my training program. First off, I'm 30 yrs old, 5'-11", 168lbs (have averaged that most my adulthood) have asthma (though I'm taking a killer inhaled steroid combo that keeps me breathing awesomely! I'm on creatine and an increased protien diet as well as taking a good multi-V.

    Anyhow, I'm gonna post my regimen below and I'm looking for criticism or suggestions on it. I plan to start getting into juicing for incredible gains, but in the meantime, and until I learn more about the best cycles for me, I'm looking to start natural and try a program that will start to produce slight gains.


    Wide grip lat pulldown 4sets of 12
    close grip lat pulldown 4x12
    bent over rows 3x12
    bench 5x5
    incline bench 5x5
    butterflies 3x8
    reverse flies (for back betweent shoulder blades) 3x12
    back hyper extension 3x12


    outer thigh kicks 3x8
    glute kicks 3x12
    lunges 4x5
    squats 3x8
    leg curls 3x12
    leg extensions 3x10
    calf raises 4x12
    side crunches 3x12


    Upright rows 3x10
    side delt raises 3x10
    front delt raises 3x10
    forward curls 3x10
    reverse (preacher) curls 3x8
    tricep pushdowns 3x10
    tricep extentions 3x10
    shrugs 3x12

    Every day has cardio before as well as at least 50 reps of abs. Will get to more when I get in better shape!! I'm on my fourth week of getting back into it. I understand that I need to change my routine after a couple months so my muscles don't adapt. I was also told about not doing push/pull exercises that true?

    Well, let me know what you think. I'm looking to gain muscle mass, i'm not looking to get too extremely cut, because I like endulging once in a while! Like I said, I will eventually get the juice aid, but for now, this is what I do.


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    In general, too many detail exercises and not enough focus on compound mass exercises. I don't see deadlifts or military (overhead) presses. Roughly 16 working sets per muscle group is a good guideline.
    shoulders/traps & mid upper back
    abs and calves where you see fit
    That breakdown is hard to argue with IMO

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    That's what I was thinking about some other seemed to me that there weren't enough exercises in the workout to cover each muscle. I've heard about 3-4 exercises per muscle, and even mine doesn't seem to match that rule of thumb.

    I'd actually like to see a list of exercises for all muscle that someone has in their regimen. Like what exercises for the upper back are best for gaining, etc.

    When you say 16 working sets per muscle group, what do you mean exactly? If I do 4 sets of 4 (w/failure towards the end, meaning good, heavy weight) of tricep pushdowns, that's 16 reps total. Would I need another exercise or two for the tri's?

    Sorry for the ignorance. Thanks for the help again.

    Also, does anyone know of any bad reactions of steroids with any asthma or allergy meds?

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    What is everyone's best upper back building exercise? I use bent over rows, reverse flies, and lat pulldowns. It doesn't seem like my upper back is getting worked like it should. I mean, I'm a little sore back there, but not like when I do chest and arms.

    By the way, I'm using a Hoist H100 Home Gym. It's sorta like the V3 that's on their website. I will be getting an olympic bench soon.

    Also, does anyone have any answers to my previous reply?

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