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    Boy am I glad...

    So here's the thing I want to share with you good folks out there...I injected the syringe in my quads today and just did what I always do...aspirated out of routine...and drew 1 ml of blood up the tube now imagine if I didnt aspirate ...I mean, this is my third cycle already and its the first time I've hit an artery/vessel...guess u never know when adopting little little healthy habits like aspirating might just save your life SO, in summary, be good boys (and girls) and ALWAYS ASPIRATE like all the good bros on the board keep on insisting to newbies until they're blue in the face

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    good thing

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    I started suspension today and when I aspirated my lovely white turned red! I will mix .2ml of cyp. with .5ml of susp. from now on so if I have to relocate the injection the susp. won't get stuck in the pin again

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