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    Nov 2003

    Deca, PVL or Organon

    Hi Guys/ladies, my source can get PVL Deca and Organon yellow tops Deca...obviously the Organon is more$.
    Looking for some opinions from anyone who have used either to compare and decide what one to try.

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    the post office!
    stay away from yellow tops if youre in canada, there are so many good fakes its to hard to keep track of all of em. Besides the legit yellow tops go for about 35$ can.....on the other hand pvl is a well established lab that sells go gear for very cheap. 140-200$ can for the deca (pvl).

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    Nov 2003


    yes Im in Canada, thanks for the help!
    I will go with the Pvl, its 300mg/ml so shot and a half per week should be good..and cheaper!
    thanks again.

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