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    New and need help on cycle

    I was just wondering how much it will cost roughly for this cycle:

    10 week cycle

    Deca 400mg/Sust 500mg/D bol 25mg(weeks 1-4)

    I was also wondering if this is a good cycle for a beginner?

    Should I make any changes to this?

    When should I take clomid and how much a day for how many weeks?

    I plan on taking Nolvadex throughout the entire cycle, how much of that do I need daily?

    Thanks for the help.

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    id say anywhere from 400-700 all inclusive....depending on brands and if your getting domestic.,,,or intnl...

    that was my first cycle...although id recomend upping the dbol to 40....anbd i payed i think it was 500....

    as for clomid, 3 weeks after last Sust shot...
    And no need to take NOlv throughout the whole cycle, take only if you see sings of gyno....40 mg untill the signs go away then run 20 throughout the rest of your cycle...

    Do some research before hand...on clomid and nolv...AND WHILE YOUR AT IT...look up the substances you want to put in your body
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    dude, and welcome to the board.

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    that's what I'm doing right now. except eq for the deca . It cost me 800.00 and I have to pay a higher price then most.

    Good call cnyce89 on the : " look up the substance you want to put into your body " I agree, even when you think you know everything there is to know about it.....find more to learn.

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    Cynce is right research the AAS you want to use and prices will be determined on where you are located and where you purchase them from

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    remember bro cheaper sources may infact be cheap as they do't have legit gear or have no intention of selling you anything but air, always check items with a mod.

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    G-S Guest
    Same exact cycle I have purchased, minus the nolvadex , I have arimidex .

    Cost me 450.

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