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    old weight gain issue

    My wife(before we were married) had a brain tumor removed and as a result was given prednisone(which is a corticosteroid) for eczema. She was only supposed to use it for 4-6 weeks and ended up staying on it for almost a year and gaining 50+ pounds. Though she goes to the gym and keeps a pretty good diet she has never been able to lose any of the weight. She has taken prescription medication for weight loss but it doesn't seem to work. She is considering using DNP as a means of weight loss. I read the thread on it in the manditory info but because she isn't a body builder anymore(at least not right now)would you think this is a step that should be taken or what else is there that she might look into as a possible solution. Thanks for your time in reply.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eternal
    ) Though she goes to the gym and keeps a pretty good diet she has never been able to lose any of the weight. .

    Do what you want, but I woul see to the diet and exercise first. Just by saying "a pretty good diet" you can tell there is plenty of room for improvment through dietary means........

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    First of all I would get her on a strict diet and plenty of cardio.In 6 mos she should be trimmed down real well.I suspect her diet is weak,along with her cardio workouts.I would use drugs as a last resort here.Get her to sign up here and she'll have access to the womens forum and the ladies there will help her on her way.

    Good luck bro.

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    Don't let her take DNP , no way. I don't care what her diet is now but if she does 45 min of cardio 4-5 days a wk and has a tight diet she will drop the pounds.

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    DNP has harsh sides for women. In my opinion it isn't really an option and for someone trying to lose 50 lbs that wouldn't be the solution anyway. Diet and cardio done properly works for everyone. Once she gets to a lower BF% then you may want to introduce clen .

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