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    I'm 18, 190 pounds now. I started working out 3 months ago maybe 4, I've put on quite a bit of weight. I started at about 170 maybe a bit less. I was pretty cut when I first started but my legs weren't cut at all but upper part was all good. Anyways I'm taking creatine before every workout and in the morning when I first get up on the days in which I don't workout. I'm taking protein shakes, 60-70 grams of protein in my shake, it's about 1L of shake, after every workout. I'm currently working out mon, wed, fri. I'm doing Chest, biceps, triceps, back... etc each time till I get through every upper body muscle, then I do this again but a difference excercise, so I do a total of 3 excercises for each muscle. I don't workout my lower body at all, it's already as big as I'd like it to be. Now I'm eating about 2-3 times a day, I find it harder to eat more, I get too full and it's hard to break up meals. I'm 18, I live alone, can't cook worth ****, so for protein, pretty much tenderloin steak, extra lean beef, chicken breasts and chicken strips ohhh and the only breakfast food is 3 eggs with cheese and 3 waffles. I'm wondering if I'm doing this all right. On my days of workout I get about 150-180 grams of protein, the other days no clue, not that much though. I've noticed 10 pounds of solid muscle, my arms are pretty big and it's not like a few of my friends if when you touch it turns to like air, mine's solid hard mass. I'm not nearly as defined as I'd like to be, but I'd like to get my upper body bigger still but I'd still like to be really cut again by summer, still 2 and half months. If anyone could critique or tip me this would be great. I came to this board a few months ago ready to take steroids then I talked to ppl on here and my mind has completely changed and I've seen some gains with the help I got. Just wondering if I could get some more... maybe a good trick to get hella protein for a retard in the kitchen. Thanks a ton.

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    You should be getting at least 1.5 g of protein for every lb. and thats every day not just when you work out. So if you are 190 you need 285 g of protein a day min.

    You can mix your protein powder into your waffle mix or pancake mix for breakfast, its easy. I buy the packs of pancake mix where you just add water. Take one part mix and one part protein powder and add the water. Works best with choc or vanilia.

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    Thank you for not asking us to help you with anabolics...when I saw your age I got nervous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Da Bull
    Thank you for not asking us to help you with anabolics...when I saw your age I got nervous.
    at 18 you are still growing....just up the protein and keep up the intensity in the gym.....know you wont want to hear this, but work hard for 4+ years to build up a good base....wait till you hit that wall (were you don't gain anymore no matter what you try) then hit the juice

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