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    anyone got sick antibiotics

    it's my 2nd cycle and i'm doing a cutter
    1-10 prop 50mg ed
    2-10 fina 75 ed
    5-10 winny 50mg ed
    1-10 proviron 25mg ed
    1-10 nolvadex 10mg ed
    2-3,5-7, 9-10 clen at low dosage
    i don't like acne so i got some tetracycline, and took 1 twice a day on my first day of my cycle. then i got a fever , headaches,and the worst stomach pains. so i went to doc and he gave me cephalexin which has a lot less sides. but i still got a fever, headaches and felt like ****.
    maybe just drop the antis.

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    Sounds like you have test flu to me.

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    Anything in the cycline family will probably make you feel sick...

    They are some harsh antibiotics but they do work well... Make

    me feel sick too... If acne is your problem why not try antibacteria

    soup and creams... Always works for me when I break out post cycle...

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