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    So I smash my first amp....

    So I got my amp of enanthate , a syringe and the 2 needles i need and an alcohol swab for after... simple enough i figure. However when it comes to actually opening the **** amp the thing is practically impossible to open.

    First i tried just snapping it off with some paper towel round it to stop from getting cut on the glass - a hefty effort but no luck. Then i tried scoring round the sides but the glass was impossible to mark with the file i was using so I get a pair of nail clippers and use them on it and straight away a crack appears. Great! i thought should be easy to open but when i do the glass shatters and falls into the enanthate..


    I poured off the top layer with the glass and then tried sucking it up with the syringe.. Somehow it's not air tight (i think where the needle is attached to the syringe) and more air gets in than the oil, and the oil takes forever to suck up. Once I have got it all in though (about 0.7ml of a 1ml amp after all the waste) i press the plunger to get all the air out, which kinda works.

    But then looking at it I'm seeing a lot of tiny air bubbles in it that no matter how much I tap it won't rise out. At that point I'm thinking they might even be tiny bits off glass so pour it all down the sink.

    **** what a waste! -- But rather safe than sorry and the last thing i want to be doing is injecting glass..

    Anyway that's a bit long but now I have the following questions:

    1. I'll definitely be getting an amp opener now -- but even with one of those what's to stop the glass falling into the suspension?

    2. When sucking up the oil should it be a smooth process or is it normal to suck up some air and have to squeeze that out. And will there be tiny bubbles in it at the end?

    3. When I get to injecting and I aspirate , how far do I have to pull the stopper out to see if it's blood or air.. Should I be checking for just a small amount here or do i have to suck up much to be sure?

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    1. use a pen cap to open the amps. works like a charm!
    2. It's normal to get some air. Get out as much as you can out, and let it sit upright for a couple of minutes. should clear right up.
    3. You don't have to pull back much at all. If you hit a vein, blood will show almost instantly. Yous should see a bubble almost instantly as well.

    Hope this helps a little!!

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    Amp openers will help you. I would not worry about glass getting in the juice. They score the amp very well and break the neck of the amp cleanly. Try using a bigger file and a cap from a ball point pen to snap the top off the amp.

    When sucking juice up out of the amp, picture a straw on the bottom of a mostly empty glass. You will get some air in the syringe as you get the last bit of juice. Just turn the needle upward after emptying the amp, flick the syringe to force the air to rise, and then depress the plunger until the juice appears at the end of the needle.

    Aspiration only takes a small pull of the plunger. If there is blood present, you will see it quickly.

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    amp opener for sure.

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    1) just get the amp opener you'll figure it out then, they are great!
    2)yes its normal to suck up air just try to get it all out, small bubles are not dangerous
    3)pull back the stopper about 1/4 of a cc, if your in a vein or a blood pocket it will suck up blood pretty fast.

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    Quality replies thanks

    Great stuff, cheers for all the replies. I've placed my order for an amp opener as we speak. Found a video demonstration on them too for anyone else in my position who is new to these things...

    Ampoule Opener Demonstration Mpeg

    nifty, altho finding a company that ships to uk was more tricky.

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    heres my advice for air bubbles. After you load the syringe, roll the syringe around between your hands like you were trying to warm them up. This will not only slightly heat the oil, but it will force the air to the top. A couple of flicks and you are good to go. I find doing the same with an amp makes them easier to open as well because all the air goes to the top of the amp.

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    I learned allot from this thread, some good info that you can use everyday.

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