Im feeling a little hot these days !!!
I started a 7 day T3 cycle 5 days 225 6thday 112 7th day 60 everything is going pretty good. The clen is making me shake a little 60mcg today to start and I did my test shot yesterday. I need to try that Z shot method cause I had a little leakage. Anyhow, should I be wearing a HR monitor to keep me in the low intensity zone for cardio (I have a polar one).doing 500mg of test ethenate per week just in case U were wondering. Oh and i started one of those cycle logs just to keep you fellas updated or atleast you can call me an ambulance. I still am wondering about cardio how much to do ??
I dont feel like doing alot due to the "intenal human combustion theorys"
I am off werk right now for my shoulder so I am missing that cardio ( i work on a automotive line building mini vans) Should I try to make up for those calories by doing more cardio?? Any insights are appereciate thanks!!