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    I Have Decided on My First CYCLE!! Opinions?!

    Thanx to lots of reviewing and help from many people on this board. Thank Yall sooo much. I ave decided on my first cycle.
    What do yall think of this?? Any opinions?

    Equipose--400mg (week 1-8)
    D-bol- 25mg (week 1-4)
    Test--500mg (week 1-9)
    Milk Thistle--1000 mg e.d.
    Nolvadex --just in case (20mg until it goes away then, 10 mg everyday)
    Arimidex --.25mg everyday
    Clomid---three weeks after last injection

    Does everyhting sound right for my first cycle?? Do any doses look too high??

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    nope looks like your on spot...good job bro...the only thing i would recomend is upping the dbol if you feel comfortable with it to id say 40 mg ed....

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    Looks good to me... might want to end them both at either week 8 or 9 but not a big deal.

    Eat like a mofo, train as hard as you every had, and get 8 hours of sleep a night. If all those elements are there, you'll be very pleased with the resluts.

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    spot on don't change a thing!

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    That looks good to me bro.
    If you have more D-bol, you might want to up it a bit.
    But if not, no big deal. Its your first time, you should get awsome results. EAT EAT EAT.
    Good luck. let us know how things are going along the way.

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