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Thread: Lasix

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    anyone have experience with lasix, what is a normal dose and what kind of results can you expect fom it?

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    Results???? you don't get results from lasix it's for shedding water but only at contest time. Your safest route is injectable lasix it's fast in and out in about 30-60min. very predictable compare to oral. 20mg wait and see, then another 20 if need is about max dose. Keep in mind you will rebound very hard a few days after and look more bloated than ever. You should read up in profiles on lasix.

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    very dangerous load up on potassiumand other electrolytes, before you gone done the road of glory and death. stick to: no carbs for 3 days, and sauna on the fourth day you should look awwesome. all the water you can drink 1-3 days and limited on the 4th day. and try depletion work outs.

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    The Iron Game Guest
    to shed water drink water, if you are going to use lasix then it should be done only for short periods of time and half to one tablet a day for no longer than 5 days in my experience on it. Personally I wouldnt recommend it

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    my dog's been taking it for 6 months. she started out at 40mgs then went down to 20mgs and she only weigh's 20 pounds.

    she's been doing fine, thought i give her small amounts of vitamins sometimes because it depletes your body of nutrients.

    not sure if that was helpful at all, but just showing that it didnt really hurt her much, maybe lost a couple pounds since then.

    still, be careful

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