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Thread: kynoselen?

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    any body have any info on this stuff other than what you read on the internet as in experience, results and dosage amounts.

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    good ol kyno! sorry to say but this stuff is bunk, ive tried it and alote of my buddies did also at very, very high dossages and got nothing. i know i'll never forget the time i uped my dossage from 2cc's to 3ccs at one shot and after the shot in about 30sec BAM i got an adrenalin rush and holyS.H.I.T man it was scarry i first started blacking out then i got real hot and disey, then real cold and felt like pukeing all in about 1min time and that was not a pleasent experience buy anymeans. I would suggest if you have not bought this stuff is to save your money. WORTHLESS!!

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