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Thread: Better results?

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    Better results?

    I know i know, do your own research. but this isn't a cycle critique exactly, i am just wondering which has worked better for all of you. i am planning on getting myself some test E and i was looking just to stack it with one other AS. Nolvadex throughout too, i was wondering what worked best with that for the majority of you. and is deca something to think about stacking with it? because i am prone to gyno. thanks everyone
    two half ass cycles before this, 5'10 only 150

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    Is this your first cycle? What are your stats? What works well for one person might not work for you.

    If its your first cycle, test eth or cyp 500mg w.

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    test goes good with anything....

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    Deca is a good choice but so is EQ. Im using test E with deca right now with good results. If your prone to gyno run 20 mg of nolva throughout cycle. Another concern might be deca can be detected for up to almost a year EQ only A couple of months.

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