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    Thanks for all the help, I'm off and growing

    I just wanted to thanks all the guys that helped me out with my first cycle as far as the dosages and pct. I'm into my third week of my cycle and already gained 8lbs looks to be all muscle no fat gain yet. Here is my cycle that all the guys helped throw together. This is my first cycle. I have been lifting for three years nows. I took some before pics and i will take after pics to post the results. My stats are
    Age 25
    190lbs at the start of cycle
    9% body fat

    Here is my cycle
    week 1-10 sustanon 500mg per week eod injections
    week 1-8 deca 300mg per week eod injections
    week 1-16 .25mg ldex ed
    week 1-13 .10mg nolva ed
    week 13-16 .20mg nolva ed
    PCT week 13-16 clomid
    week 10-16 tribulus terrestris

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    Good solid cycle, sounds like something I'd recommend
    if I remember right, your deca was low concentration and that's why you're shooting EOD, right?

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    My deca is organon 100mg per ml yellow top bottles. i shoot it with the sustanon to help with the pain alittle, at least thats what the guys from here said to do. 100mg per shot

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    good looking cycle....looking forward to the pics

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