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    HST Results.... if you've Concidered hst please read

    i discontinued my hst cycle midway through week 5. i wanted to give people my feedback on why i did so.

    for starters, i gained 10 pounds naturally. the way hst works is you work out full body monday wed and friday, but you only do one set per excersize. you start on 15 reps fair weight, by the end of week 2 your doing your 15rep max for everything. then you move up to 10reps and do the same over a 2 week course. then you do it with fives.

    the theory behind this is it only takes 2 days for your muscles to recover. this i found out was true. but what they overlooked is your ligaments, joints, and tendons do not heal in 2 days!! i got stronger, and noticibly bigger in a little over a month. faster than i ever have naturally. but **** im beaten up now. my wrists feel like they have carpel tunnel syndrome, something in my chest keeps poping, my knees keep cracking every time bend them with weight on them, my elbows are in pain, and worst of all, my neck feels like i got whiplash!!! I do not regret doing this routine however. it was a good learning experience for me. i just wanted to give a word of warning to anyone concidering this method of growing. it can really screw up the structures that you need to use your muscles that you worked so hard for. just my 2 cents.

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    Isn't that also known as circuit training? It's a good toning exercise technique to train mon, wed, fri all body parts with recovery days in between and weekends off.

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