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    QUESTION FOR THE PROs (new member)

    I've been training on and off for years but nevered done any cycles before....
    I wanted to purchase Sustanon 250 and use that for 10 weeks but I don't have enough money to stack with anything.... I was just gonna use nitrotech and celltech that i had a good supply.... Also how should I pyramid my cycle?

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    first u need to give ur age/stats before any of the pros can help you......and i would probly stay away from sust for ur first cycle, go with some like enanthate

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    Don't pyramid your doses bro.Run it at 400-500 mgs weekly and stick with that.Changing your doses will just play havoc on your blood levels and increase chances of sides.
    I'd advise you to get some Nolv,and have that on hand in case signs of gyno appear,plus you'll need it for pct along with your clomid.

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    Pyramiding is old school and not necessary. The point of a good cycle is to keep constant test levels by administering injections evenly at the same mg's at same injection days through out. This way you suffer less side affects due to spikes in your levels and you reach a saturation phase faster. You want to reach that saturation phase and hold it there as long and consistantly as possible to benefit from proper gains.

    In my opinion, sustanon is the worst drug to do for a first cycle. Because it has the four different etsers or steroids in it. Each ester releases at different times. This causes spikes in your levels thus inhibiting proper gains and more side affects you dont need any more of. If you take an injection of sustanon once or twice a week the faster esters like the prop decrease by next administration and thus useless in my opinion.

    For a first time user, atleast you are on the right idea of using a test only cycle which is highly suggestable. Stay away from the hardcore steroids like tren , deca , etc... until you find out how you will react to a few test cycle first. I suggest you use a single ester test like Test Enanthate , Test Cypionate , Test Propianate. These tests are easier to deal with and are good at keeping levels consistant through out the week with only a once a week administration.

    Try this cycle for example:
    1-10 Test Enanthate 500mg EW
    Nolvadex on hand and Clomid waiting for PCT (Post Cycle Therapy ). You will need your PCT for after this cycle to help restore your normal functions and HPTA. You should run nolva 20mg ED through PCT and start clomid 2 weeks after last injection of test. Run it 300/100/50. 300mg day 1, 100mg 10days, 50mg 10days.

    Also, if you are subjected to any affects such as nipple irritation, lumps around the nipple area, or gyno symptoms. Run nolvadex 60-80mg ED until affects subside.

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