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    eq and test e cycle

    here is the deal.. when i was startin this cycle i got 2 bottles of test e 250 and one of eq 200.both qv. I being the moron that i am thought i should start withou consulting the research and you guys, newbie mistake. i got to the fourth week and read a little more and now know that eq is good in the 400/mg -500/mg range. so i fixed that problem.i got the extra bottle of eq,so i could run it up till atleast 11 weeks cause the 12th week i was just gonna take the test, but im only gonna be able to run the test up till week 11 cause im gonna run out. i didnt expect to do 12 weeks from the start. I thought i was gonna do ten weeks. so what should i do.
    few scenrios
    should i run eq with the test up until week 11(the last week), but i can only run 250 mg of test that week(week 11) cause thats all ill have that would make it 500/mgs of eq and than only 250/mgs of test e and than be done the cycle or should i just spring the extra 120 for another bottle and stop the eq on week 11 and take the full 500/mg of test on week 11 and than again on the last week being 12 if i had the extra gear. keep in mind the first 4 weeks were 200/mgs of eq and the rest being 500mg of test except the first week i ran 250/mg of test/ im leaving it up to u. if u can make sense of it. really really f***in

    im 20
    second cycle... the first one ran much much smoother than this
    6'3 200lbs
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    If you can afford it bro,spring for the bottle of test and run it to week 12.Then you can start pct 2 weeks after last shot. As the esters from the EQ and Test will be clearing at the same time.

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