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    2nd cycle plan; any suggestions?

    would like input and any suggestions on this cycle for bulking and hardening up a bit, ofcourse w/ proper diet,training,rest and PCT. This is 2nd cycle.

    wk 1-4 35mg d-bol
    wk 1-12 200mg prop eod
    wk 5-10 100mg fina eod

    thanx for any input!

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    id do it like this;
    weeks 1-4: dbol 35mg per day
    weeks 1-12: prop 100mg per day
    weeks 3-10: fina 75mg per day
    id do ed injections with fina/prop to keep blood levels more stable, and id run the fina for 8 weeks stopping 2 weeks b4 stopping the test. reason being is that is when u r supposed to do pct for fina, and u r supposed to do pct for prop 3 days after last injection. so, doing it like this will enable u to properly do pct for both.

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    Too much test for a second cycle

    wk 1-4 35mg d-bol ED
    wk 1-12 75mg prop ed
    wk 3-10 75mg fina ed(First time with tren ?-50mgED if so)

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