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    Lightbulb JUST BEGinnING Need info

    Okay I just turned the big 30 and i have been lifting weights for
    years played football to in college always was big. And had the muscle look in clothes but when the shirt came off good chest with no cuts i have considered taking

    200 mg of masteron a week for three weeks
    250mg of Oramedron 250 for three weeks
    will this do anything

    Im also taking 200 grams of Protein a day
    i need some help been researching this steroid thing for a
    while and need some help the side effects scare the sH**
    out of me do i need more stuff to get huge

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    first of all stay away from masteron if you like your prostate..
    3 wks of omna will do nothing .
    give some more stats and well give you a lead in the right direction

    lifting for years
    weight =
    body fat =
    what your are looking for=

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    Your cycle will do pretty much nothing. Are you looking to cut or bulk? It sounds from your post that you want to get cut. Do a search for cutting cycles. Omna causes a lot of water retention and the masteron is more for cutting so you'll be self defeating in your combination. First off, you need to get your diet in line for a cutting cycle. PM Tobey and he'll help you set up a cutting diet. Big Kev can help you with a cutting cycle.

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    Some kind of padded room...wearing some kinda white jacket...can't!
    That's not totally true, I did a four week cycle of Sustonon @500mg/wk and gained about 8lb's off of it, kept all of it also.

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