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    Dec 2003

    help with test flu

    i think i got test flu or it's from antibiotics that i took two day's ago(which i stopped), i'm not sure where it is coming from, but if it is test flu can i put the bottle in the oven with 25g needle for pressure at 250 for 45 mins, just like the last step in making fina, you do the same thing to make sure it's sterile. Or does your body get used to it, just like if you had the flu. it's not a terrible flu more like a light fever, headache, and stomachache.

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    Bob segal is offline Associate Member
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    Dec 2003
    1-10 test prop 75mg ed
    1-8 fina 60mg ed
    5-10 winny ed
    1-10 proviron25mg ed
    1-10 nolvadex 10mg ed
    it's my fourth day on, i have not started fina yet because i got sick. the prop is qv 100mg
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    I get the test flu on occasion..tough it out...try to stay on schedule/cycle..drink lots of water..take your supps.

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