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Thread: need some help

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    need some help

    i have 30 tabs of novadex and i am just wondering when i should start useing them i am currently on fina and prop 75mg ed 100mg prop ed .. my friend said i should start taking them 3 weeks into the cycle?

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    You should us 10mg ed of nolva throughout the entire cycle. However, some dont use it at all unless they see gyno symptoms and they will start with 60-80mg ed until symptoms are gone and then stay with 20mg throughout the rest of the cycle. I think that it is a smart preventative procedure to just go ahead and take 10mg ed. As far as pct, use 20mg ed throughout the entire pct program.

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    Swellin Guest
    I run it from the very beginning at 10mg. Unfortunately, i have a problem with gyno, so I bump it to 20mg ED. You will need quite a few more nolvadex . You will also need enough of it to run with your clomid for pct.

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    swellin..check your pm

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    Back at cha bro...I concur.

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