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    Question i need some help

    I done alot of researh but i need some opinions because this will be my first cycle. I'm not really looking to bulk up. I'm 5'8, 175, and not sure of bf% but my abs are visible. I may be wrong but some gear can cause gyno alot easier than others, I want to stay away from those at least for now. My goals are to put on some muscle but get ripped. Nothing is definate now but this is what i'm thinking so far....any feed back is welcome

    eq 1-10 @ 300mg
    winny 6-10 @ 50 mg eod

    I will run clomid post cycle but what else should I stack this with that doesn't cause a lot of water retention.


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    Im not sure clomid will bloat you with water. But that looks like a good cycle to get some definition. Make sure your diet and cardio are good and youll get ripped up. Clomid is used to boost natural test levels back to normal. You might want to up the Equip a little to 400mg/wk. Peace, Doc.

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    ptbyjason Guest

    Bro, you are only 18 years old (almost 19, I know) don't start a cycle yet. You really don't need to start a cycle yet. Please read and do some research first, you are not ready.

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    It sucks to hear, but Jason is right. WAIT !!!

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    Listen to THE MEN I know you think you are ready. Trust me, I developed naturally a great deal from 18 to 22. Plus in the long run it is smarter for your body.

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