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Thread: My cycle

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    My cycle

    Started March 8

    Weeks 1-8
    600 mg of EQ
    50 mg of Fin ed
    50 mg of Winn ed
    50 of test Susp ed

    weeks 9-14
    finaplix 75mg ed
    primo 100mg eod
    prop 100mg eod

    then clen and nolva at the end

    So far good lean gains and fat is comin off. Here are pics when I started and then after 5 weeks. Weights are jumping, doing 105 pound incline dumbell presses for 10 reps. Squats are up to 315. Curling 60 pound dumbells. You can tell by the pictures I need to lose fat.

    I am hitting cardio everyday after workout on an empty stomach. Taking in about 300g of protein a day and about 200 grams of good carbs a day. Any suggestions?
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    thats a lot of gear? Is this your first cycle? Anyways, looks like yer making nice progress.

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    It's my fifth cycle. The cycles before were just winnie and deca basically. I ran testaviron on it's own once. I have been reading lots thanks to these forums and so this time I am doing it right.

    Thanks for the compliment, I need it. To get the desired look you need to be so disciplined.

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