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    what is gyno or geno

    what are the effects of "gyno" or "geno" and what causes them?

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    Here's a description straight off the main page:


    Feminization can occur in male athletes in the form of breast swelling (gynecomastia ), increased tendency toward fatty deposits, and extremely soft muscles. These symptoms are largely due to aromatization, meaning the partial conversion of a steroid into the female sex hormones (estrogen). The development of female characteristics may take place when the estrogen level increases significantly. Especially after discontinuing the steroid regime one finds this problem most aggravating since the athlete's androgen level is low but, at the same time, the estrogen level is elevated. In conjunction with this, it is interesting that estradiol (an estrogen) has an inhibiting effect on the male gonad cycle (see chapter: The Importance and Function of Testosterone ). One can determine that an elevated estrogen level reduces the body's own testosterone production. The elevation of the estrogen level and the extent of feminization depend on the dosage and the type of steroids given. The determining factor, however, seems to be the constitution of each individual, since some show no gynecomastia while others already notice pain and swelling of the mammary gland with a dose of only 10 mg Dianabol / day. The additive intake of anti-estrogens like Nolvadex , Proviron , or Fludestrin can be helpful in most cases. In general, after the steroids have been discontinued, the gynecomastia will slowly regress by itself. Since many are on the drugs year round, an operative removal of the undesired mammary tissue is no rarity. An elevated estrogen level is the "mortal enemy" of every competitive athlete because even with an. extremely low fatty content, one never really becomes hard. An excessive estrogen portion can directly negatively influence the psyche of the male athletes (see psychic changes).

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