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    Juice + reproduction?

    Im planning to start my first cycle somtime in may.So it will end somtime in july.And then onto PCT.

    Me and the woman are considering another child ..maybe her getting pregnant near the end of summer.Should i wait a certiain amount of time after cycle or even pct?

    Anyone know anything about this?

    Also im not much of a drinker..but ive been know to tie one on a few times over the summer on the beach.....this will be a nono?

    my cycle btw:

    deca 400mg 8/wk
    test 500mg 10/wk
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    well, deca will shut down your hpta quite hard. But to say wheather you'll be able to have a child or not is unpredictable. It's different for everybody man. Go to a doctor for a question like this. Steroids wont mess up your kid, and they wont make it impossible to have one either. Im not really sure how else to answer this. sorry

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    all I can say is my Bro held off on a cycle to have a couple kids - now that he has them - he has started to juice again

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