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    How to spot Fake Gear??

    I have a few questions...

    1) Is there a way to tell fake test enan from the real thing...if so how

    2) If doing a cycle of test enan cycle (say 8-10 wks) is it necessary to use
    Nolva for the entire cycle (10 mg ed)...also how much should I expect to
    pay for Nolva?

    3) what is best to stack with test enan? (could you also give price for your

    thx a lot: the reason for all the questions is that I am not sure how reliable my source is and want to know if I am being taken advantage of.

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    1.We would have to see it
    2.Yes you must use Nolva the entire cycle @ 10mg ED bump to 20mg ED during PCT
    3.First stack should be Test only

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