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    how much does juice speed recup?

    All my life Ive dome M-W-F alternating Chest/Should/Tris, then next session Legs/Back/Bis and so on.

    So even w/o juice I was working same BP 2x every other week.

    Was I overtraining ? I made huge gains on that routine. Now I am wondering - when on cycle should I lift every day?

    Does juice speed recup signig enuf to go more than 3x /Wk

    I dont pay any attention to pros who talk about 6x split workouts. they are on so much more juice (and GH) that my body could ever take.

    should I stick with 3x or should I press for more when on cycle ?

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    i'd split up that workout a little more, and give each muscle at least 5 days to recover. i know for me that anything mroe than that is overtraining.

    gear makes recovery much faster, but i still stick with once every 5 days per muscle.

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